Boydells farm

Posted by amartin on Monday Oct 21, 2013 Under Uncategorized

What fun we had on our trip today! The children got to meet a lot of animals and learnt about what they like to eat and how the farmers use them.








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  1. Mrs Darling Says:

    Wow – I must say this trip looks like great fun! I wish I could visit too! What was your favourite part of the trip?

    Mrs Darling

  2. Apple Class Says:

    Our favourite bit was when the pigs chased the farmer. Also we liked the goats when they were eating straw.

  3. Mrs Darling Says:

    The pigs chased the farmer!!! I bet that was really funny and in Cherry Tree we are pleased there aren’t too any pigs around school! We really don’t want to be chased around by one! Were the pigs smelly?

    Mrs Darling and Cherry Tree Class

  4. Apple Class Says:

    No, the pigs weren’t too smelly, but the goats were very smelly indeed!!

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